Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When, where, and how often does ALDA San Jose meet? 

A. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, ALDA San Jose has been meeting online monthly. Dates and times will vary, but they are always held on Saturdays in the morning or early afternoon. Once life returns to normal we hope to resume our usual schedule with meetings and/or social events on the first and third Saturday of the month about 20 times per year. At least one group event every month is of a purely social nature. Times and location vary depending on the nature of the event. When actual in person meetings are held the location is always the same – DCARA, San Jose, 650 N Winchester Blvd., Suite #100, San Jose, CA 95128. For information about meeting and event times either in-person or virtual, please join our mailing list or Facebook group to get announcements.

Q. Can family members attend meetings?

A. Of course. In fact, family members, even friends and co-workers are encouraged to attend meetings and social events.

Q. Do I have to know sign language to attend meetings?

A. No. While many of our members use American Sign Language or Signed English, many also only use speech reading or written notes. ALDA’s motto and that of our group is “Whatever works!” We have real time captioning at most meetings for  presentations.

Q. Does it cost anything to attend meetings or join ALDA SJ?

A. Anyone is welcome to attend meetings and social events.  We have membership dues of $15.00 a year for those who want to become members.  Members will have voting privileges.  Members can also run for office  when elections are held. To join ALDA San Jose please visit the membership page and follow the instructions.

Q. How can I keep informed about the going-on’s of ALDA San Jose?

A. Become a member! When you become a member ($15.00/year dues) you will receive email notifications of upcoming events and other information from members and contacts with special relevance to people with hearing loss. Information is also posted on our Facebook group page.

Q. How do I contact ALDA San Jose?

A. Please send an email to aldasj.org@gmail.com for more information.