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We want to hear from you. Email us your comments, questions, concerns and suggestions along with your contact information.

We send a regular email to group announcing meetings and social events. If you want to be added to this group list, please pick from one of these 2 options:

1- BCC List: Those who chose to have their names and emails hidden in group emails. This is the default setting for all new members who don’t specify otherwise.

2- OPEN List: Those who chose to openly share their names and emails with other members. You can reach everyone who is on that “open” list by selecting “reply all” when you reply to an email. Other members can be a wonderful source of information.

Note – You can always change your designation at any time in the future.

It helps if you also tell us:

In terms of deafness, how would you describe yourself?

Late-deafened, hard of hearing, culturally Deaf, Hearing.

How did you find our web site?

link from another ALDA site, search engine, friend, how?

What topics interest you most?

Social activities, coping skills, technology, captioning, legal, hearing dogs, social advocacy, family, resources, support, other (please specify)

We look forward to hearing from you.